The Gracian Science Exhibition 2018 -19 was organised by the Science Faculty on 26th September 2018. The theme for the exhibition was ‘Science, Technology and Mathematics in Living World’.
There were total 36 projects from classes V – X featuring various aspecte of Science and Mathematics. Charts and Models were put up to provide information on the projects.
The panel of Judges were Ms. Kusum Pramod and Ms. Mallika Usmani, both former Vice Principals of CGHS. The judges appreciated and motivated the students.

The winners are:
Std V:
V C – Pollution
V B – Food Pyramid
Std VI:
VI B – Rain Water Harvesting & Unique Production of Power
VI E – Organic Farming & Food Safety
Std VII:
VII F – Diversification Beyond Expectations
VII B – Means of Transport & Communication
VIII D – Floods & Land Slides
VIII B – Volcanic Eruption & Sewage Management
Std IX:
IX B – Clean Cube
IX E – Mathematical Model
Std X:
X E – Digital & Technological Solution
X A – The Flying Ambulance