Adieu to SSC Students
February 02

Cardinal Gracias High School bid a fond farewell to the SSC students in the auditorium. The samai was lit by the Principal, Rev. Fr. Sabu Thomas; the Primary Headmaster, Rev. Fr. Sojan John; the Vice Principal, Ms. Girija Kumar, the Supervisors, the Head Boy and the Head Girl.
A solemn prayer service was conducted for the success of the SSC students in the board examination. The main student council members passed on the torch of the Gracian legacy to the students of Std. IX. Miss Kaveri Devkate shared her schooling experience and expressed her sincere gratitude towards the Principal and the teachers.
The spot prizes made the students be on their toes to win the prizes. Mst. Punyesh Kamtekar (XB) and Miss Kaveri Devkate (XB) won the Gracian Contest and were crowned as the Gracian Boy and the Gracian Girl 2017-18 respectively.
The students captured the memorable moments with their teachers and friends in their cameras and mobile phones.