Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness.  It is celebrated in the honour of birth of  Jesus Christ.  This festival is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone and we at St. Norbert Nursery and Kindergarten experienced this on 19th December, 2017.

It was the idea of our Incharge Rev. Fr. Sojan John to have an exhibition of all the things made by our children with the help of their parents and implemented by the teachers and non-teaching staff.  Each section was given a task of doing a particular decorative item.  The Nursery section had to make wall hangings of things like star, bell, snowman and Christmas tree.  The Junior K.G. and Senior K.G. had to do models of snowman, angels, Santa Claus, bells, candles, candycane and Christmas tree.  Most of these models were done out of waste materials.  Parents came out with innovative ideas.  The children loved getting their decorative item to school and were happy seeing their things put on display.  Our guest for the exhibition was our Manager Rev. Fr. Benedict Kerketta and our Co-ordinator Rev. Fr. Prem Arockia.  Our exhibition was a big event for us as our Primary teachers, our parents and our little children came to see it.  The school corridor and four classrooms were used to display the things made by our kids.  Classrooms were lit up and Santa Claus was there at the entrance to greet all our parents and our little ones.  The teachers had a dress code of red or green colour and they all wore a Santa cap.

The exhibition was a great success.  There was great enthusiasm among the teachers and kids.  Finally it was a day of merry making and joy.