Audio Visual Room

In Today’s world, the digital media with the help of the internet has become an integral part of our lives. As such, the audio visual teaching aids have started to make an impact in the field of education too. Digital media helps the students to understand many concepts, which would otherwise be very difficult to explain, by creating an analogy with real world events.


The A.V. Lab is situated on the third floor in the right wing of the school. The primary goal is to make the best use of these available teaching aids. Acoustically engineered with marble floors and false ceilings, the AV room is a boon to all the staff and students of the school. The list of electronic equipments in the AV room range from television systems and computers to overhead projectors and an excellent audio system. It is also well equipped with more CDs pertaining to a wide arena of topics in different subjects like Life Science, Nuclear Energy, Earth Science,Oceans, Health, Science & Society, Solar System, Plants etc. including the school subjects.


The AV room is put to good use for recreating the historic battles and victories of the past or to show the workings of the complex human anatomy or to take the students on a trip to the vast void of space. Needless to say, the AV room has a pivotal role in making learning enjoyable and full of fun