All parents of Cardinal Gracias know that the school has left no stone unturned to mould the future citizens of our beloved mother land. Through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), they have generously cooperated with the management and the staff.  With the change of time we need to have close relations with staff and the parents to enable our children to get the best they deserve. In no way either of us can take the back seat in our commitment and dedication to our children. Therefore it is the conscious bound duty of every parent that you do the follow the following faithfully :

  • Every child is a unique invidividual.
  • Each child has his/her own capacity and capabilities.
  • We can nurture our children only by genuine concern, care and guidance.
  • We need to appreciate them even for some small achievements.
  • Keep in touch with the staff of the school to know about your child and his or her performance.
  • Meet the concerned teacher not only with problems but also to appreciate for the good done.
  • Find out daily from your child what she /he learnt in the school.
  • Spend quality time with your kids.
  • Shape and not shake them with your ideas and views.


We formed the PTA Executive body and PTA Volunteers Group.